A History Carved in Stone

The documented history of more important representatives of the LENASSI family branch, living in the north-eastern part of the Italian rocky mountains (Alpi Carniche), dates back to the year 1865, when Lenassi Daniele Agostino became the mayor of the town Paularo, Carnia. We are still reminded of him and his services by the plaque on the church of Saint Catherine in the nearby Salino, which is his home town.


Lenassi is a recognized name in the sculpting world with works on each of the world’s continents. Ales, son of Janez, has already showed interest in shape and materials as a child. He inherited his father’s talent and built on it with acquired knowledge through common work. In addition, he showed interest for music as soon as in primary school, especially for reproduction of sound.

Sculpture & Sound

Today’s sculpting history of the LENASSI family dates back to the first half of the previous century, when Janez Lenassi (*1927 † 2008) started a more active participation in sculpting. By working together Ales and his father already strived for and realized the first few musical sculptures in the previous century, with which after Janez’s death the son continues the family tradition and participation in this unique art discipline in relation to sound with the support of audio engineer Marko Zigon. This way they add to the studies in the field of connecting stone and sound, with which they set new boundaries for conventional sculpting procedures and the reproduction of sound.