Aesthetics, Art and Precision

Everything is a vibration! Sensations, nature and everything that surrounds us vibrates. Even what we see as motionless actually oscillates … just like us and the universe. Man has always perceived, learned about and ascribed paramount importance to sound and its dimensions are more complex than our “primary” sense – sight. We believe in aesthetics, art and the precision of sound. That is why we delved into the geometry of sculpture, along with sound itself and developed our own sound approach – musical sculptures.


Because some instruments are made of wood (e.g. violin, guitar, drums), the prevalent opinion is that therefore it is the best material for speakers. But that would make the loudspeaker a “new” instrument. Unlike acoustic instruments, where their own vibrations and its amplification is necessary, this phenomenon is unwanted or inadmissible for objective listening.



Weight, rigidity and shape are the main characteristics of Lenassi musical sculptures. Firm integration into the stone allows the sound transducer to “float like a feather”. This way only a positive charge of vibrations is released, without superfluous additions. This is how we “calmed” atoms, electrons and neurons.